Wednesday, July 29, 2009

oh yeah... one more thing...

I have been checking out a lot of talented artists on, and have been on a shopping spree! I am waiting on many fantastic items, and I will be telling you all about them in postings to come. Some of these items will be great for christmas or birthday presents, or maybe even help you promote your shop! So stayed tuned for some featured sellers on my blog! You wont want to miss this!!

Guess what.........

Ok all, so I have decided that when I hit 50 followers I will do a giveaway. If you are also following you will also get a special prize. So tell your friends, tell your family... tell everyone because you dont want to miss this! These are some items you could win from my store!! so keep checking out my blog!! Thanks for your support!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hello All! And Welcome to Toad's Blog!  This blog is going to be dedicated to new items in my shop -,  to neat things you can do with some of the items in my shop, and also to other people great talents! ok so what does that mean... other people's great talents...  There are so many great, talented people on etsy, that as I find unique things, I will post them on my blog for everyone to check out.  In addition, I will be having giveaways, contests, and other exciting offers, so check back often!  As as all ways!  Happy sales to all... and remember to Create.Peace!!

~ Toad